Parts of the SAT I Test

The SAT exams have different parts that test the skills of students. SAT I or SAT Reasoning Test, in particular, has three major sections - mathematics, critical reading and writing. SAT II or SAT Subject Test, on the other hand, focuses on the students knowledge on a particular subject area like math, world history, chemistry, physics and others.

Critical Reading Section

The SAT I Critical Reading section was formerly known as the verbal section and was only changed to critical reading section on 2006. It contains three critical reading subsections, two of which last for about 25 minutes while the remaining one for 20 minutes. Lots of passages are expected to be encountered in this section. The passages are followed by questions that will test the examiners ability to read critical information. Sentence completion problems can also be found in this section.

All in all, the Critical Reading section has 48 questions about reading passages. The passages could be either long or short and ranges from 100 to 850 words. The topics of the passages can come from social science, humanities, fiction and the sciences. However, prior knowledge on each subject is not needed. Also, some passages can be either strictly narrative or persuasive.

Sentence Completion Questions

One of the two types of questions in the Critical Reading section is the sentence completion. Sentences that can be seen here may be missing one or more words and the examiner must fill in the appropriate missing word for each blank. One tip to beat this section is to have a wide vocabulary and broad understanding of complicated sentences. All in all, there are 19 sentence completion questions in SAT I and it composes about one-third of the Critical Reading questions.

Math Section

Like the Critical Reading section, Math section is divided into three subsections. Two of them are 25 minutes each while the remaining one takes 20 minutes. There are 44 multiple choice questions for this section. However, examiners must come up with their own answers in the 10 grid-in questions.

Questions in the Math section basically cover mathematical operations, geometry, algebra, statistics and interpretation of tabular and graphical data.

Essay Section

All SAT I examination begin with the Essay section. The examiners are given a topic and a time of 25 minutes to come up with a logical and clear essay. No background knowledge is required for this section. However, the examiner must be able to create a well thought-out answer based on reasoning, good evidence and organization. To be able to beat this section, one must begin reading sample essays and practice skills like developing and outlining logical responses.

Writing Section

The SAT I Writing section is also divided into three subsections. One section is an essay section lasting for about 25 minutes and the other two sections are multiple choice sections lasting for 25 minutes and 10 minutes. The examiners are tested in this section with regards to their ability to improve writing samples, identify writing errors and produce their own logical and clear essay.