SAT Preparation: What to do on Test Day

After reviewing for weeks, you are probably ready to take the test. The following tips will help you make the most of your exam day. So read through them carefully and keep them in mind.

1. Bring the things you need in taking the test
Make sure that you have with you all the important items that you need. Do not forget to bring your identification card, several no.2 pencils, registration number or test codes, calculator with new batteries and all the other things listed on your to bring checklist. If allowed, also bring water and a snack to keep you energized.

2. Bring a Watch
Timing is very important when taking standardized exams so be sure to bring a watch to time yourself and keep track of the time. To be able to save time, do not dwell on too many on hard questions. Mark them first then proceed to other questions then return to them later.

3. Read the Directions
Even though you may be excited to get through the exam, remember to read first all the directions. Skimming through them will help you calm your nerves and help you remember the strategies that you need in answering the exam.

4. Remember that the Answer is in Front of You Most of the SAT questions are multiple choices. So, remember that you only need to find the answer through the choices. After reading the question look at the choices first to avoid answering the questions mentally.

5. Cross-out wrong answers
In looking for the correct answer in a multiple choice question, elimination is an effective method. So cross-out the answers which you think are incorrect to help you narrow down the choices and help you arrive at the correct answer.

6. Scribble on your test booklet
Do not be afraid to put marks on your test booklet and scribble on them. Put marks on the questions which you have answered confidently and also on the ones which you will skip at and return to later. Also, use the margins and the small spaces for drawing diagrams and writing memorized equations to help you further visualize the word problem.

7. Skip Over Hard Problems
When you encounter hard problems that you can not answer, circle its number and go on with the next question. In this way, you will be able to save precious amount of time by going through the easier ones first and returning to the hard ones when everything else is finished.

8. Make Intelligent Guesses
When you eliminate the possible incorrect answers, do not be afraid to make an intelligent guess. It is often beneficial to make one when the choices are already narrowed down.

9. Forget about the people around you
Surely, you can not avoid hearing scribbles and turning of pages during exam day. However, dont indulge your thoughts on such. Do not intimidate yourself by thinking how the other test takers are fast in answering the questions. Instead, focus on your own paper and answer the exam at your own pace.

10. Review your work after finishing the exam
It is beneficial for you to review the answers when you have finished the exam early. In this way, you could check the answers for mistakes, re-read through the hard problems and edit and expand essay answers. Also, you can try answering the questions you left blank.