SAT Makeup and Standby Testing

SAT Makeup Testing

Some problems such as misadministration or irregularity occur during exam days. Also, test centers may not be open on the particular test day. If the following has happened to you, you can ask for a makeup exam schedule. The items below are the policies that apply to makeup testing.

  • Keep in mind that only registered students can take up makeup exams. Students who already took the exam during the same administration may not take or use a makeup administration to take a different SAT Program test.
  • Makeup examiners can only take makeup tests at the center for which they are authorized or registered.
  • Only tests that have been registered on the original date are the only ones to be taken on the makeup test.
  • The entire SAT or Subject Test at a makeup administration must be taken by the examiner. He or she may not take partial sections or specific sections of a test.
  • Sunday testing is only available for religious reasons. Examiners cannot take the Sunday exam if they missed the Saturday exam.
  • For makeup exams, Question and Answer service cannot be offered. Also, it may take several weeks after the makeup date to access the examiners online essay image from a makeup administration.
SAT Standby Testing

Examiners who missed the late registration deadline may opt to take Standby testing. However, test centers only accept standby exam takers, in the order of their arrival, and if there is enough space, testing materials and staff. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a standby test taker will be admitted to take an exam. Standby examiners will not be admitted until all pre-registered takers have been seated.

To be registered as a Standby test taker, examiners should be at the test center, on the day of the exam, by 7:45 in the morning. Also, in addition to the regular fee of the test they wish to take, examiners must have with them the payment for the standby fee. To be registered as a Standby test taker, examiners must be sure to have done the following:
  • Completely fill out the registration form. Also, they should fill in the oval for the standby fee in item 18 or else their scores will be delayed.
  • Include payment for the standby fee, in addition to the regular exam fee. Payments are done in the form of a check, credit card or money order. Accepted credit cards include American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. It is not advisable to enclose cash. Check and money orders are to be payable to The College Board.
  • Completed forms and appropriate payments should be enclosed in the envelope provided and should be sealed. Proper labels including the test month should be written in the envelope.
  • Bring the sealed envelope and give it to the supervisor upon checking in at the test center.
  • An acceptable photo ID should also be brought by the examiner. Once you have completed these requirements, be sure to appear at the test center on the day of the exam on the said time.